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There is a negative opinion going around regarding targeted online advertising. This general notion about it is understandable, given people’s experiences. Customers want to preserve their privacy and would not want their data collected based on what they do on the internet.  

Ad targeting may seem intrusive and even “creepy” because it keeps appearing on your screen. However, targeted advertising may help businesses grow their clientele when used correctly. It can help you with brand awareness strategies resulting in more clients knowing about your service.

What Is Targeted Online Advertising? 

Online advertisements are everywhere on the internet, and they can be a bit distracting, so we’ve learned to ignore them. Marketers have now adjusted to our viewing patterns so they can place their ads perfectly. And with the help of the data that they collect, they can present us with products they believe we might find interesting. 

Although it may sound unusual and intrusive, tailored advertising is a relatively prevalent strategy nowadays. Targeted online advertising focuses on a customer’s particular characteristics, interests, and preferences. Advertisers can obtain this information by monitoring your online behavior. One of the benefits of targeted online advertising is that it displays advertisements for goods you genuinely desire. 

This system isn’t without its problems, though. You might see advertisements for a specific product for a considerable amount of time, even if you just visit a page once. For example, you can continue to get advertisements for maternity clothing even after giving birth.

Advertisers obtain information about you through various methods in addition to cookies, such as by looking through your search engine history and social network accounts.

6 Practices to Make Your Targeted Ads Better

So, how can you use online targeted advertising to benefit your company? Increase the reach of your ads with these 6 best practices:

1. Determine Who Your Audience Is

Identifying your target audience is essential to any targeted advertising campaign. You won’t get the click-through rates you want if you show them advertising that doesn’t fit their tastes. Therefore, it’s imperative that you conduct research: Look for solutions that enable you to make tailored advertising using customer data, and that also give you a better overall view by highlighting characteristics that your audience shares in common.

2. Find the Most Suitable Location

You should not place your ads on every media platform. While straightforward ads make sense for Google search results, it’s still better to invest the time to create more elaborate ads for Facebook or Instagram marketing campaigns. Among platforms ranked by active users, Facebook is in the top spot, and Instagram is in third.

Choosing which platforms to use for your ads increases the likelihood that your targeted audience will see it. The more that your target audience sees your ads, the more clicks will go through and be directed to your sales page. 

3. Test, Test, Test

The best-laid plans for advertising don’t always work out. Because of this, it’s best to regularly do A/B tests to determine which advertisements outperform others in particular situations and which fall behind. After determining the front-runners, you may improve them further by continuously conducting A/B testing to obtain the most return on investment.

4. Don’t Get Too Specific

While the goal is to reach all of your audience, this is not always the case. However, it is still better to ensure that your advertisements reach a good portion of your intended audience. Advertising that targets a specific audience, such as redheaded men in Kansas between the ages of 20 and 22 who drive electric cars, is difficult. 

These set requirements are extremely specific. It is unlikely to appear in many social media or even Google searches, so it may not garner the engagement that you expect.

5. Provide Customers With Engaging Content

Utilize targeted online advertisements as a chance to notify customers about new information about your products and services. It may be something of interest to them based on their past browsing and purchasing habits. Show your clients that you value their business by providing them with information that is specifically customized to what they would want to see in an advertisement.

6. Get Creative

Developing a good advertising campaign requires considering what other things you can target. For instance, you run a real estate firm and assist clients in buying or selling their properties. People looking for local realtors or comparing house prices in their neighborhoods are obviously your target market.

However, it’s also important to take into account related secondary markets to your main goal. In the context of real estate, this could involve looking for moving boxes, renting a truck or van, or finding storage lockers, all of which are related to moving out, so your ads may reach them as well.

One great example of a brand using this approach is the Red Bull Stratos ad campaign. They did something that even broke records with their ‘jump from the edge of space’ idea. Companies who are willing to think outside the box and come up with ads like the one mentioned can generate all the attention that you want from your customers. 

Reach More Audiences Using Targeted Online Advertising Now!

Use targeted online advertising to explore your business’s full potential. If used correctly, it will help you find more customers, increase engagements with your existing ones, and reach your end goals.   

Contact us now so that we can guide you in creating an effective campaign that will clearly communicate your message to your target audience. We can help you create a precise targeting strategy that will surely make people interested in what you’re offering. Take your marketing campaign to the next level and see better results. 

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