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Want to gain the interest of potential new students? Discover how our tailored marketing solutions can help you promote your school to your ideal audience.

Our team helps you reach your local community by leveraging our hyper-focused AI marketing platform.

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Students research before applying to a school.

People and families looking for elementary schools, colleges, or even trade schools, are the most likely going to use search engines to find the right one. We make it easy for your ideal customer to find your institution whether they’re searching on Google, Facebook, Instagram, or a local business directory.

Be there when they search “best high school near me” or “become a yoga instructor”.

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Save Time by Consolidating Your Marketing Tools

Save Time by Consolidating Your Marketing Tools

Marketing your education facility is a time-consuming matter. When people need a services done to their home, every second counts.

AdPost helps you save time and money by consolidating your digital marketing efforts into one easy-to-use interface, powered by machine learning. This includes increasing your organic traffic, calls to your business, your paid ad efforts, and even TV advertising.

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Students have options. AdPost helps you be their first choice.

With over 15 years of experience, our team applies a hyper-focused approach to help your business maintain an online presence as an authority for education. If you’re looking to increase awareness and number of students, we have the tools to help you hit your goals.


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