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Attract More Patients

Attract More Patients

Attracting and retaining patients can be challenging for your healthcare facility. Our team helps you stay top-of-mind in your local community by leveraging our hyper-focused AI marketing platform.

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Monetize Your Outreach

Monetize Your Outreach

Nearly 49% of adults seek medical information online.

We make it easy for your ideal patients to find your practice whether they’re searching on Google, Facebook, or a local business directory. Your patients are online and they want to find you because they need your services.

Additionally, your content is targeted to your local prospects, allowing your practice to generate revenue while you concurrently solve patients’ complex healthcare issues.

Save Time by Consolidating Your Marketing Tools

Save Time by Consolidating Your Marketing Tools

Marketing healthcare services, whether a hospital with expansive wings, urgent care or a local family doctor’s office, is a time-consuming matter. When people need care, every second counts.

AdPost helps you save time and money by consolidating your digital marketing efforts into one easy-to-use interface, powered by machine learning. This includes social media campaigns, your paid ad efforts, and organic traffic.

Become a Resource for Patients and Increase Visits

Become a Resource for Patients and Increase Visits

Your patients have options for care. AdPost helps you be their first choice.

With over 15 years of experience, our team applies a surgical approach to help your healthcare facility provide solutions and maintain an online presence as an authority for patients. If you’re looking to increase your number of patients, we have the tools to help you hit your goals.

Ready to be thrilled with your marketing results? Let’s find the perfect solution for your practice.