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of publishers are concerned about decreasing site traffic due to AI in 2023


of publishers need more resources to add additional audience segments to grow traffic


We are a full-service digital company

Transition to a Recurring Revenue Model

Many print publications have struggled to make the transition to the digital realm. It’s not easy to master monetizing your online presence, but can help. We have a network of small businesses waiting to advertise with their local communities.

Together, we can make an impact on their ability to connect with you and the world.

What will do for you

What will do for you

Is your publication under-monetized? We know you deserve to get the support you need to provide the journalistic excellence your audience deserves. has pioneered an Adtech product that supports publications owning more local ad dollars. We provide a no-cost direct sales team that sells for you on a revenue share basis.’s directory-driven marketing technology effortlessly monetizes a Publisher’s community influence.

1. creates localized business listings for publishers.
2. Publishers then share in the revenue from the omnichannel marketing solutions that can be accessed by businesses who claim listings.

Monetize your publication

For Publishers to qualify

For Publishers to qualify

We work with a select group of qualified publishers who are providing real community journalism and information, and are having a real impact on their readership.

  • Must have a domain that is 5 years old
  • Must have been recognized for excellence in journalism by a recognized body (i.e., Your Local Press Association, Webby, Online Journalism Awards, George Polk Award, etc.)
  • Must have visitor traffic above 75,000 users per month
  • Must be willing to share a portion of their current ad impression volume for lead generation
  • Must be willing to allow us to stand up a publisher-branded marketplace

Publishers see over a 30% lift in customer lifetime value when using

Getting started with marketing can be difficult, especially for business owners who have little time. integrates with your website to create business listings that support you and your customers.

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We are a full-service digital company