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graphic-2 is built to help you grow your business

The publisher’s marketplace and local business marketing platform is built to help you grow your business

We are very fortunate to work with these amazing publishers

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Simplified marketing technology that monetizes your reputation

For publishers, provides premium local content and drives more traffic and advertisers to our Partner and Affiliate’s websites.

For local businesses, benefit from boosted exposure, sponsored content, and access the omni-channel local marketing platform.

For Publishers:
Whitelabeled Business Marketplace

We provide our Affiliates a free publisher branded trusted business marketplace that connects you with all local businesses in your community.

For Local Businesses:
Simplified Digital Advertising

We provide local businesses with a lead page, multi-channel advertisements, and a dashboard to see your ads performance in one place.

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We are an AI-powered digital advertising platform


The proven technology behind combines sophisticated advertising strategies with advanced subject matter expertise refined over several years by leaders in the field. Our executive team has been building revenue tools for publishers and local businesses for over 10 years.

What you can do with

Our recent projects

Choose the program that works best for your business. Publishers can choose to be Partners or Affiliates. Local Business can choose between a range of advertising packages to suit your business and budget.

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Local Businesses

We're reshaping the way local businesses advertise

We create amazing digital products allows local businesses to create, publish, and track marketing campaigns in an easy-to-understand format. We simplify digital advertising for local businesses.

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